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Turn-key projects

This is our specialty
  /  Turn-key projects

3 in 1.

project + furnishings + fitting-out service

We specialise in turn-key interiors.

We base our project work on clearly defined goals and set a working schedule. The best results are achieved by using real finishing materials, which can later be implemented in the final product, creating a real design, not a conceptual one. For this reason, we established our showroom, in which we can work on real materials and put them together to create unique combinations, making our design work much more effective. We can save time, avoid traffic and, more importantly, take advantage of available discounts. We select our materials and furnishings carefully, ensuring the highest quality, aesthetic and price. We collaborate with the best Polish and international manufacturers, sourcing top quality products at best prices.

We work with professionals.

We commission a number of engineers, carpenters, contractors, artists, designers and architects for our projects. As a team we achieve the best results possible. We are aware that in order to create the best design solutions, one needs the right tools and the talent of the right people. We have chosen the leading construction firms and the best manufacturers of luxury materials as our business partners. Working with a variety of experts from different sectors allows us to verify our projects. We often have to restrain our imagination but thanks to that, our clients get the best quality of service, suited to their budget.

The major advantage of such collaboration is the ability to achieve a set goal, that is an interior incorporating the design basis within budget. A turn-key project is an option for the busy clients who wish to spend their free time outside of DIY stores. This solution also allows for full control over the project budget and guarantees the best quality. We have been collaborating with the same trustworthy suppliers, experts and contractors for years. More than 90 % of our clients go for the turn-key solution, which results in a successful completion of more than 100 projects a year.

Why should you hire a designer?

Anyone can arrange an INTERIOR, in a better or worse way.
The results may vary, therefore hiring a professional is an option worth considering, given current high prices of the real estate.

It does add to the costs of the whole project but savings can be made on materials purchase, as a designer will help you select the best ones at attractive prices. MONOstudio is the only design studio in Cracow with a retail outlet at their disposal, offering designer products at the best price. From the very early stage we work with real materials and we set up tiles and decorations, ceramics with taps, flooring with wallpaper and fabric, in order to see what they look like in combination. By choosing MONOstudio you gain an insight into the world of suppliers, specialists and experts, which gives you the best contacts and the highest quality interior.

How much does it cost?

Some of the clients choose a conceptual project, others are looking for complex, turn-key solutions. You can have an office designed using materials which are resistant to wear, or a house built for life.
We always recommend meeting in person, which will allow us to establish your expectations, discuss your vision and set goals.


Together, we can create an offer which is tailored to your needs.

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