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Turn-key project packages for the most discerning clients.

We create dream interiors, effectively.

Turn-key packages.

We specialise in complete interior design based on a three-way solution offering comprehensive design + furnishings + the full fit-out service (by our own contractors).

The highest standards are guaranteed  in order to meet all client’s requirements.

Our experts at MONOstudio – architects and sales team will offer advice and help with the purchase of finishes materials in the comfort of our relaxing atelier. This service is directed at clients who like to discuss designing their spaces easily over a coffee and be able to select and purchase all materials in the same place.

What exactly and for who?

Turn-key MONOpackages, i.e designer’s concept, materials selection and finishes. Ideal for clients wanting to commission all of the planning and designing to professionals.

Packages will be perfect when designing rental properties, first homes or high-end investment properties.

MONOstandard package.

This package is dedicated to the clients who value top quality of finishes and the end-result on balanced budget. Ideal for investment properties with the focus on quick turn-around time and sensible cost. Especially recommended to the clients wanting to rent out the property. The perfect starting point of a stylish interior.

This package is best used in conjunction with home staging service. It offers a visual effect ready for a photography session and helps save the time of the investor.

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MONOstyle package.

This service is offered to the clients who place special importance on style and form in interior design. The package allows for designing comfortable space with close attention to creative solutions and remarkable materials. It is especially recommended for two- or three-bedroom flats characterised by a sleek design.

It may appeal to clients designing their first homes while leading active urban lifestyle. Also a perfect alternative for investors targeting their investment at business tenants who pay attention to high standards.

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MONOdesign package.

This service is directed at the most discerning clients looking for inspirational solutions. It combines the highest quality and sophisticated materials which allows for the creation of elegant homes where the latest trends intertwine with the long-lasting, timeless concepts.

This service is dedicated to the clients who appreciate good design and value the freedom in the selection of materials. The package involves a more comprehensive project option which helps visualise the end-result.

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MONOoffice package.

Aware of the impact that office design has on the business brand and employee wellbeing, we create office spaces with utmost care and high attention to detail. Working closely with trusted retailers of investor materials and office furniture manufacturers, we created the turn-key office package.

We make sure office space is not only functional and practical, but also look equally good. We consider every need and the budget of the investor.

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