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Our Offer

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Interior design.

Passionate about exceptional design, we constantly push ourselves to be the best partners we can be to our clients.

Turn-key project.

This service is tailored to suit the most exacting requirements of the client while working closely with them as the project evolves. During the process, we design a comprehensive concept scheme, making sure we are on the same page in terms of planning and used materials. Our sales team draft necessary cost plans and quotations. We order in all materials, ensuring smoothly-running logistics on site. To help to visualise the concept, we utilise our dedicated showroom where we showcase how the materials used in the project can be combined. Our clients are also given the best value as all materials are supplied with the benefit of discounts. Having our own highly-skilled build team is key to being able to schedule all stages and deadlines at the initial stage of the project as well as guarantee high-end quality of the executed services.

This type of project is especially recommended to the busy client unable to supervise the construction phase through to completion, unaware of a trusted build team, or living outside the country or in a remote place. MONOstudio co-ordinates deliveries and the site manager monitors the quality of works. This service can also be suitable for designing short- or long-term let properties.

90% of projects we oversee are turn-key projects.

Comprehensive project.

This service encompasses the conceptual phase of a functional plan. It involves working with authentic materials and assisting with the selection of all furnishing elements. During the process, we strive to achieve the three key objectives: the interior has to be comfortable, aesthetically pleasing and on budget. A multitude of tools is used by our team to illustrate the vision and concept of the interior designer – sophisticated 3D visualisations, technical drawings and samples.

We recommend this service to the client who is after cohesive and well thought-through design. It will also appeal to the client who understands that a project lies at the heart of a functional yet aesthetic interior. Comprehensive project also details exact quantities which translates into an investment budget.

Technical drawings.

This service is dedicated to the client with spatial imagination. In order to present our concepts, the team uses the technical documentation and work with furnishing samples, creating a cohesive concept.

Individual interior project.

MONOstudio helps their clients plan individual spaces, such as bathrooms, living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms, nursery rooms, offices, staircases or selected daytime-use spaces. In our work with every investor, we focus on an individual approach and determining the scope of the project. We are also able to design a part of a space in more detail using visualisations, for example bathroom + living room, while presenting other spaces in a more conceptual manner, for example bedrooms and children’s rooms. The strategy of working with the client is planned individually, and a schedule is provided.

On-line projects, remote investment projects in Poland and abroad.

We provide services to clients in Poland and abroad alike using the latest technology solutions enabling us to communicate successfully. Our original idea – the schedule makes the progress of the project transparent and efficient.

Elevations and landscape design projects, terrace design.

This service is dedicated to the clients planning a new-build house. The best effects are achieved when we consider both the interior and exterior in a project so they can be in functional and stylistic harmony. The best moment to come to MONOstudio is upon the purchase of a catalogue project or when holding an individual one. We also encourage you to get in touch when construction has been finished /with an unfinished interior/.

Project consultancy.

This service is available to the clients who have their vision and would need advice on particular issues. You are welcome to visit our showroom where our architects will use available samples, catalogues, furnishing examples, setting them up and creating moodboards. We encourage our clients to use this service while browsing retail stores, for example in bathroom or furniture stores.

Fit-out service and project supervision.

We achieve the best results working with our own build teams as part of the turn-key projects. Our site manager monitors the quality of works and consults the project on an on-going basis with the architects. The investor may request a meeting on site in order to sign-off relevant details. Project supervision also aims at verifying the planning in terms of aesthetics and technology. The investor can rest assured an alternative solution will be put  forward by our architects or contractors as and when needed.

Commercial design.

One of our most-loved projects are in commercial design: restaurants, cafes, offices, Spas, dental and medical clinics, aesthetic clinics and beauty salons, etc. We design these spaces considering the needs of their clientele, staff and the investor. Well-designed interiors appeal to their customers and speaks volumes about a business’s reputation. An unique and perfect design may also attract quality employees where they can enjoy functional and comfortable conditions to work in. The designers at MONOstudio also consider the investor and sign-off all ideas, analysing the target audience, investment’s objectives, as well as the budget.

Office spaces design.

This is what we specialise in! Well-designed office space is worth a thousand words. It presents the business to the world and creates positive working environment which helps attract the best employees and improves work efficiency. After all, it is inside an office we spend eight hours a day, five days a week.

This service is dedicated to corporate firms as well as smaller enterprises.

Showroom/furnishings atelier.

We have created a dedicated studio filled with furnishing materials / tiles, taps, bathroom fixtures, wallpapers, wood flooring, etc. / We have access to carefully selected boutique ranges of furnishings of high-end quality. This also makes shopping more accessible and comfortable – clients are able to browse and select in relaxing atmosphere, one-on-one with the leading architect while sipping freshly-brewed coffee. Our highly-skilled buyers prepare cost plans and finally put orders in.

Offer for developers.

We enjoy working with developers, offering our visualisations as perfect marketing tools to promote and advertise properties. Visualisations can be presented on websites and be source of help to real estate agents. We are able to produce show home projects including project execution as part of a turn-key project service. We strongly recommend this type of collaboration.

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