Scandinavian Interiors

If you want your apartment to be bright, airy and functional, you should consider decorating it in the Scandinavian style. These cozy interiors match perfectly with the northern climate and hospitality. A clear form, delicate shades of white, gray and bronze are all characteristic features of this style. Natural wood also adds to the Scandinavian feel.

The floor in Scandinavian-style apartments is usually made of wood. Wooden boards can be kept in their natural color, whitened or simply painted white. Another solution is to cover the wooden floor with matte oil.

Scandinavian style furniture is usually made of bright wood. It’s often painted white or gray.

Proper layout of lighting is also crucial. Curtains and draperies are rarely found in Scandinavian flats. Instead, you can use blinds, to create an optical illusion of a bright interior, full of natural light. If you decide to go with draperies, choose the linen ones, or ones made of semi-transparent fabrics, in order to let more sunlight in. Lighting fixtures are usually minimalist in form. Metal, glass or paper lamps in basic shapes are the most popular choices. Metal and glass combine well with wooden furniture and natural, plain wooden floors.

Scandinavian interiors are dominated by natural, bright colors. Shades of white and gray create a sense of freshness and enlarge the room optically. They make it look brighter. These colors are balanced with dark shades of graphite or bronze, usually by painting one of the walls darker than the rest. Whitened brick is also a popular material used in this kind of interiors.