Provence Style Interiors

Provence style originated in the south of France, close to the Mediterranean Sea. It is the neighborhood of the Alps and the warm climate, that allowed simple rural architecture to develop. The Provence style amazes the viewer with a palette of soothing colors and practical solutions. Rural landscapes, living in accordance with the laws of nature and drawing inspiration from Provence, are the key ingredients for designing a Provence style interior.

Solid, wooden furniture, painted white, gray or with a worn wood finish, are a key element to a Provence style interior. Cast iron is also a characteristic material employed in this style. Furniture is usually decorated with floral ornaments: flowers, vines, or olive branches.

The right choice of Provence style decorative elements greatly affects the entire interior arrangement. Willow baskets with dried flowers or other still life elements are highly sought after in these arrangements. Ceramic pots, glass vases, jars and bottles placed on wooden shelves are also a part of the Provence style. Ornamental carafs can add a great finishing touch. A bright carpet, placed on a wooden floor and a grey cast iron ceiling lamp, accompanied by stylish chandeliers hung on the wall, make the design complete.

Colors which are a part of the Provence style, can be associated with nature. Warm and bright colors are a reflection of the sunny climate of the Provence region. Violet, in the shade of lavender, light blue and Provence yellow are the dominant colors. Interiors are painted in basic colors, with added white stripes. Finally, the walls are finished with lime.