How To Design A Perfect Kitchen?

If you want to make cooking a joyful experience, especially with family and friends, your kitchen should to be designed to utilize as much space as possible to prepare meals. A well thought out kitchen project substantially reduce the amount of time and labor required to complete it. With the right layout of furniture and kitchen equipment, the time needed for preparation can be reduced by up to 60% and cooking time by 28%.

The most important part is the kitchen plan. If our space allows for that, cupboards should be positioned in the shape of „U” (two rows possibly), shape of „G”(maybe with a kitchen island) or shape of „L”.
A single-row kitchen is the least comfortable. The working triangle: fridge (storage) – sink (preparation) – cooker (cooking), should be as compact as possible.

For this reason, a kitchen should be divided into zones: supplies (fridge and food), storage (dishes, glasses, tableware), washing (sink, dishwasher, bin), preparation (countertop, cutting boards, bowls, kitchen aid, spices) and cookig (kitchen, oven, microwave, pots). These zones should be placed in the order described above, moving clockwise (if you’re left-handed go counter-clockwise).

We start cooking by taking out the products we need. That’s why a fridge or a cupboard for storing food should be placed next to the entrance door. A space for unpacking groceries and a countertop for chopping products should be located next to the fridge, along with the sink, where you can wash them.

Placing the trash bin uder the sink is very convenient, because this is the place where most of the leftovers accumulate. Placing the countertop, which is used for preparing food for cooking, on the other side of the sink is a good idea. This is the main working area of the kitchen, so the countertop shouldn’t be shorter than 80 cm. If you plan a row of cupboards above the working triangle, the one above the countertop should be used for storing spices.

The working triangle should be followed by the cooking area, where the cooker and the oven are located. Place the ventilation hood above it to prevent smells from getting out of the kitchen.

The working area should end with a small table or a part of the countertop, which is used as a place for the finished dishes, as well as for storing dirty dishes.