For The Love Of Lofts. Industrial Style Interiors.

Designing industrial interiors is attempting to recreate the atmosphere of industrial spaces. Old loft interiors were used by artists as workshops, by gathering leftover furniture and decorative elements. This is how the industrial style was born. The trend for loft interiors came to Poland at the end of the 90’s. Currently, the style is associated with freedom and sophisticated taste. Open space is the keyword for the industrial style, which also implies getting rid of any unnecessary walls. Minimalism is also important. No unnecessary furniture or decorative elements should be used. An industrial style home may feel cold and raw, with metal, glass, brick and concrete being the main materials used. It is important to achieve an open space.

Industrial style interiors may seem unfinished or designed chaotically at first. It’s just an illusion, as every detail is carefully planned and everything is intentional. Europallets are often used as furniture, along with steel chests of drawers, chairs and tables. Steel, glass and wood are the basic materials, which make an interior look classy, raw, artistic and exclusive.

In an industrial interior, decorative elements are virtually non-existent. They appear in very limited quantities, stand out and usually tell a story. We can utilize a modern sculpture or an old machine.

Light needs to pass freely to the interior. You should avoid curtains or draperies but you can use discrete blinds. Lighting fixtures should have a defined, industrial form. Black, steel casings are a perfect choice. Remember to use a small number of decorative elements with an artistic feel.

Neutral and cold colors work best with the industrial style. Shades of white, gray, beige, bronze or red are recommended. It is the combination of various building materials, for example plain walls
with concrete or brick ones, which make an industrial interior stand out. A concrete wall or floor accentuates the character of the whole interior, even in regular houses or flats.