Entry Hall – The Most Representative Room

An entry hall is the first room which we enter from outside. People often say that this is the most representative room of the house. It is vital to ensure that the design of the entry hall is coherent with the rest of the rooms, especially those which we enter directly from the hall. Functionality is the key factor when designing a hall. It’s a place you enter in dirty shoes and with a wet coat and a bag full of groceries. You need to have the possibility to leave all your outwear as close to the entrance as possible, without having to move into other rooms. Nowadays, it’s easy to design a functional entry hall. We can order a custom set of furniture, designed for this very purpose,
or choose one of the catalog designs, adapted to fit the entry hall.

Shelves for storing small things are an irreplaceable element of the entry hall. If we plan a space for them, they won’t create unnecessary mess. It’s a very practical solution, because it eliminates the hectic searching for important things before leaving the house.

In a large hall, you can plan a full-sized wardrobe. There are interesting wardrobes available on the market, designed to accommodate outwear. The interior of this kind of wardrobe is projected in such a way, to allow for long coats to be hanged. A small chest of drawers or a set of baskets is also needed for storing gloves, hats or scarves.

If we want a wardrobe tailored to our needs and the dimensions of the entry hall, it’s best to order a custom-made one. In this case, apart from choosing the right interior and size, we can decide on the color of the doors. The range of materials to choose from is vast – wood imitations, natural veneer, mirrors, matte glass or lacobel glass.

Mirror is a crucial element of every entry hall, even if it’s a small one. Firstly, mirrors optically enlarge the space, which entry halls usually lack. Secondly, all of us want to inspect their looks before leaving home.

Manufacturers often offer door mirrors, designed for wardrobes, so you don’t need additional space to install one on the wall.