Colonial Style – a classic simplicity

The colonial style is a mixture of classic, European simplicity, with warm, African energy and Asian colors. This combination of furniture and materials from different continents was created by the founders of British colonies in Africa and Asia in the 19th century. Today, we still fall for this kind of interior arrangement – full of massive furniture and decorative elements from the Victorian period, with a touch of oriental influence.

Heavy, ebony or mahogany furniture plays a vital role in colonial interiors. They are often combined with bamboo elements.. A sofa finished in dark brown or black leather, which we can find in every furniture store, is another piece to the puzzle.
Colorful pictures from exotic voyages or paintings hanged on the walls will add to the colonial feel of the interior. Beige or light brown paints can be used as a background to these pictures and paintings.

Colonial kitchens and dining rooms are based around vintage cupboards and wardrobes. Massive, elegant furniture is a reference to the past epochs. Make your colonial kitchen a kingdom of nature. Don’t forget about flowers, plates with fruits and herbs in small pots.

Wood is a great addition to the kitchen arrangement and combines well with subtle colors, characteristic for the colonial style. Wood can be used to make countertops, doors and decorative elements. It has a classic look and it is a reference to the colonial times, says an expert representative of Agata Meble.

If you want an oriental touch in your colonial interior, green curtains or blinds will be the right choice, along with a wall clock with large, visible digits.